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It's simply soothing. Can literally stare at it for hours as it defies gravity.

I figured it would be incredibly unstable, but it's actually so painless and easy to get it into place. You learn to feel the magnetic changeover as the base led's indicate when you have it just right. It does usually end up spinning, but seriously, I would consider that a feature/bonus. Not only does my plant float, but I get a complete 360 rotation view of it 24/7.

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Mark J.

I've only owned this for a few days, but all my initial concerns went away after unboxing.

- The planter only takes a minute of practice to get it levitating. After that, it takes only a try or two.

- Once levitating, the planter is very stable. You can spin it and push it around easily and it takes quite a bit of force to knock it out of levitation. When that does happen, it just sticks to the base. But it's never done that on its own. It requires you to push it off center with more than minimal force.

- The unit is silent. No electrical hum or any other noises.

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Audri S.

Simply amazing product.

I bought this for my office and instead of putting a bonsai within, I decided on a Tillandsia (air plant) because they don't need soil. Though it took a short while to figure out where the sweet spot was for placement, once you get the knack of it (keep three fingers cupped on the bottom of the pot to protect it from being pulled too hard down to the base - very important!) you can take off and put back on super quickly and easily. It's a show stopper. Also sort of a meditative process as the pot gently spins. My Tillandsia loves it - and is thriving. Can't say enough about this!!

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Tabatha B.
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